About us

The story started in Johan´s, Niche4All CEO, conservatory. Fragrances and quality have always been two important components and interests. Why is real niche perfume so extremely expensive? There are scents in so many different price-ranges and running through an airport in search of the best perfume at the right price was impossible. The idea of ​​creating high-quality, cost-effective and understandable niche perfumes was born. 

How do we develop our fragrances? 

We take inspiration from other scent categories. Going into our lab and analyze the perfumes in this category. We are always looking for details that we can improve. For example, some fragrances are mostly chemical, we make them more natural, some have harsh openings, we balance them out. We are taking the most popular scent dna´s and working on making them more long-lasting, have bigger projection with the best possible ingredients. All this without taking our eyes of the original scent dna. 

Quality niche perfume,100ml for €95, how?

By controlling the entire chain, from purchasing, production, packaging and transport, we can keep costs down and deliver value to our customers without comparison. We hold on tight to our resources, grow organically in a sustainable way, both financially and socially. No agents, no middle-men or shops, just straight to our customers. 
Pure high quality perfume made to wear for an affordable price! 

With love, Johan, CEO of Niche4All

Our misson

“To give, every man and woman, the highest quality and best performing fragrances. By scent, science and high-quality standards we deliver our fragrances with love! Produced, bottled and packaged in Sweden and shipped to you with the most reliable and speedy method all over our world.”

Niche4All HBG AB

Org number: 559274-7686

VAT number: SE559274768601

Tjörngatan 17

26731 Rydebäck



*** Disclaimer, all our fragrances are our own original creations and formulas, if they resemble any, these are pure coincidences. We always have a goal with the end result with each perfume and take inspiration from different fragrance categories such as wood, oriental, floral, sweet, fresh, etc. All comparisons with other perfumes are completely beyond our control and the user's own opinion. ***