Niche4All FAQ

Where do you ship?

We ship to all of Europe, USA and Canada, Great Britain and parts of the Middle East. You can find all different counties at checkout. 

How much do shipping cost?

Depending on where you are, between 4 Euro to 30 Euro (express shipping). 

All orders above 150 Euro have free shipping to all destinations. 

For the exact price of your specific order, add your shipping details at checkout to see your options and prices for shipping. 

What happens if I don´t pick up my package at my pick up point (Post Nord and DPD)

The shipment will be returned to us. If the customer want´s us to send it again a new shipping fee will be added and if not we don´t refund the order. It´s the customers responsability to pick up the shipment. 

Who do you ship with?

We use both Post Nord/DPD (in Scandinavia and Germany) and UPS for all other countries. For express shipping, UPS is used for all countries outside Sweden. 

DPD is always shipped to a pick-up point for the customer to collect. 

Where do you manufacture your perfumes?

We produce all our fragrances ourselves here in Sweden. Ingredients are mostly sourced in France and always inside Europe. It's formulated, produced and filled in Helsingborg, Sweden. 

Are your fragrances copies of other popular fragrances?

We take influence and inspiration from popular scents and categories. As we formulate and produce ourselves, the perfume is an original formulation, but we always have a certain goal with every scent. Sometimes close to something else, sometimes further away. We focus on high quality mass appealing fragrances made to wear.  

Do you have your own perfumer, and how many are you working at Niche4All? 

Yes, we are fortunate to have our own perfumer. He is amazing at balancing longevity with projection. There are three of us working in Niche4All, perfumer, sales/administration and operations manager. 

VAT, tax and fees.

We collect VAT in all of EU and Great Britian (up to 135 pounds). In all other countires the customer is responsible for import fees such as VAT, tax and fees. If you are uncertain of import to your location pls check your own countires tates for import.

For any other questions pls contact us at